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The Freedom of Information foundation's website is no more updated.


Since early 2015, the Freedom of Informaton Foundation has frozen its activities after having failed to contest entrance of the organization in the register of NGOs performing "foreign agent" functions.

But we have not given up. We are continuing to work within the following projects:

Team 29

The Team joins lawyers and journalists defending the right to information guaranteed by the Russian Constitution, Article 29. Among the Team's projects there are the Imeen Pravo Znat' (We Have the Right to Know) website and the RosOtvet service for submitting requests to government bodies.


A portal dedicated to openness of governmental websites and an online system for their audit and for interaction with governmental officials in order to improve their informational resources.

Please keep staying in touch with us.

Searching for Proactive Transparency Global Standards: Pilot International Survey on Governmental Online Openness

After we had analyzed an article by Professor Sheila S. Coronel called «Measuring Openness: A survey of transparency ratings and the prospects for a global index»  we asked ourselves: Is it possible to create a worldwide measure for the openness of governments? In order to answer this question we organized a pilot survey on the basis of an already-completed method of grading the openness of government websites. We invited our colleagues from Belarus, Georgia and the USA to participate.

The results are available on the Infometer website.

A Bit Open Data

We present results of audit performed together with the Open Government and addressing open data publication at Russian federal executive government bodies' websites.


Since 2013, open data has become a key topic of discussions on governmental openness. They expect that "free" vast volumes of machine-readable official information will facilitate communication between the government and the public, and bring economic profit. Some people already consider the Open Data as a basis for open state governance, expecting that its other components will develop following data openness. The Openness Standard for Federal Government Bodies as well as federal legislation pays significant attention to open data. The Freedom of Information Foundation has studied how the requirements are observed.

Monitoring of the government bodies’ official websites as an efficient tool for public control

We would like to present a short review of our most ambitious project which involves our experts in all parts of Russia – monitoring of the official websites of public authorities and local governments. This is a story about how expert control improves the work of authorities.

The St.-Petersburg City Court Rejects FIF's Appeal in the "Foreign Agent" Case

Today, the St.-Petersburg City Court reviewed the Freedom of Information Foundation's appeal against the public prosecution's recommendation. The court once more considered lawful the recommendation that had served for the Ministry for Justice as a reason to enter the FIF into the "foreign agent NGO" register.

The St.-Petersburg City Court Will Review the FIF's Appeal

On Wednesday, January 21, 2015, at 12:40 PM, the St.-Petersburg City Court will review the Freedom of Information Foundation's appeal against the Moskovsky district court decision of the "foreign agent" issue. The hearing session will take place in the court room No.15.

The FIF lawyers had contested the public prosecution's recommendation to register the organization as a "foreign agent" NGO. However, on September 5, the Moskovsky district court rejected the FIF's claim.

The St.-Petersburg Justice Department Withdraws the Warning against the FIF

On December 11, 2012, the Freedom of Information Foundation received an official letter from the St.-Petersburg Head Department of the Ministry for Justice of Russia withdrawing the warning against the FIF that alleged a violation of reporting terms (a scan of the letter is attached to the Russian version).

We possibly should remind that on October 3, 2014, the St.-Petersburg Head Department of the Ministry for Justice of Russia issued a warning on law abuse against the FIF, stating that our organization has not provided a financial report in time. In fact, we did provide the report in question to the central office of the Ministry within the terms defined by law.

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We are always open to cooperation

The methodology developed by Freedom of information Foundation for monitoring official websites is applicable widely. It is convenient, efficient and can be used for research in various fields. We are interested in cooperation with different governmental and non-government entities in various countries in order to extend the monitoring practice, including possible joint comparative researches.